Lela. Życie i twórczość Anieli z Wolskich Pawlikowskiej (1901 – 1980)

Graphic design and editorial design of a monograph describing the life and work of Aniela Pawlikowska, who came from Medyka (near Przemyśl, Poland).

The publication accompanied the exhibition Straight from the Self – The works of Lela Wolska-Pawlikowska (1901 – 1980). On March 11, 2022, its opening was held in the main building of the National Museum of the Przemysl District.

The work of Aniela w Wolskich Pawlikowska (1901-1980), as well as the artist herself, is not more widely known in Poland. There is no mention of her in significant publications on Polish painting of the interwar period and art of the postwar years. Lela Pawlikowska's name does not appear on Polish encyclopedias and dictionaries of artists published after 1945. Enigmatic mention is made of her work in studies discussing Polish artistic life of the interwar period. Even items treating the cultural achievements of the Wolski and Pawlikowski families barely mention her, without a word about her achievements.

Year: 2021
Page size: 210 x 270 mm
Pages: 350
Binding: Hardcover

ISBN 978-83-66840-12-6

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