Gmina Frysztak
Visual identity system

The visual identification for Gmina Frysztak.
MA diploma at University of Rzeszów – Faculty of Art (2018)

Logo of Gmina Frysztak has been built on the basis of the previously used coat of arms, the use of which was not sufficiently specified. However, the newly created logo, which is an inseparable part of the visual identification, does not replace the superior symbol, the coat of arms of Frysztak, which is used in official cases.

The visual identity of Gmina Frysztak provides for the adaptation of graphic design to documents, publications, information and promotional materials - printed and digital. This includes: official stationery and binding of documents, design of municipal posters, billboards, announcements, folders and guides. Consistent branding also includes gadgets, souvenirs and other promotional materials.

Printed elements of the corporate identity, such as stationery, have been designed on the basis of a modular composition system.

The consistency and legibility of Frysztak's information and promotional materials is ensured by their uniform and structured composition. They are prepared using a modular grid that regulates the positioning of the logo, the layout of the page and the placement of text, photos and illustrations.

The signposts for the region's walking and cycling routes have been designed according to the principles set out in visual identity system.

Awards & prizes:

Grand Prize in the 'Wzorowe Podkarpackie 2018' design competition, in the 'Exemplary Vision' category

Honourable Prize in the Jerzy Panek Award for the Best Diploma 2018 of the Faculty of Art at University of Rzeszów


Gmina Frysztak visual identity system – MA diploma
Author: Juliusz Bachta

Promoters: dr hab. prof. UR Wiesław Grzegorczyk, mgr Ondrej Revicky
Field of study: Visual Arts (Graphic design & printmaking)
University of Rzeszów, Faculty of Art
Academic year: 2017 / 2018

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